ferris wheel kauai Linda Sherman

Kauai County Farm Fair Rocks

The annual Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair in August begins at 6pm Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the Fair begins at noon. Please note that on Sunday, the last day of the fair some sections close late afternoon but the carnival is open until 11pm. Last night, my husband, Ray Gordon and my good friend, Jai Roberts had a great time. Ray and I started off by catching some photos, video and Vines of the rides while there was still light. Then we headed for the Celebrity Chef's Cook-off in the Entertainment Tent (details at the end of this … [Read More...]

Plate Lunches on Kauai

Huli Huli Chicken plate with 3 sides

Looking for an inexpensive nutritious lunch? On Kauai, we call that a plate lunch. Plate lunches resemble the bento boxes you find in Japan. They are designed to feed … [Read More...]